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Getting Started

Practical Planned Grazing

4 weeks of individual online coaching 

Weekly individual webinars and a reasonable amount of phone and email.



Learn how to read your land and know what to do next to restore function


Develop and install safe to fail practice areas to put you in control

Develop a grazing plan for your land

Design fencing and water for your land

Put in place monitoring and corrective action to make sure your land regenerates while you optimize animal performance 

sheep christopher-burns-360257-unsplash.

Learn the practical skills and paddock design you

need to grow your business.



Inverary hill before.jpg
Inverary hill after.jpg

This training ensures that you can design, plan and implement a grazing plan that puts you in charge of your business.

We focus on helping you understand & apply the planning, monitoring, corrective action and policies that will mean you'll achieve your landscape and business targets.

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Clear runoff after 15 months planned grazing

Pasture regeneration using planned grazing only

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$2,200 inc.


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