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Handfortheland is one of Australia’s leading holistic land management and training consultancies.

We use outcome based managment and share science- and field-proven practices to regenerate and sustain profitable farms, their families and communities.

We’ve spent 25 years distilling, adapting and building on the findings and practices of eminent, globally respected practitioners and educators like Allan SavoryHolistic Management International  Dave Snowden, and Doug McKenzie-Mohr, to create a training programme that’s adaptable, easy to learn, outcome based, low risk and can reduce farm costs by up to 30%. Our small team are all practicing regenerative agriculture.

30 years Planned Grazing experience

25 years Holistic Managment Training  


Landscape Function Grazing Defn 200423.jpg

What we are working towards with your farm





We run a few cattle ourselves.

We share the challenges that go

with choosing a life on the land. Practicing what we teach makes sure that our advice works.

We understand that the health, wellbeing & prosperity of you &

your family, land, livestock, environment & community are inextricably linked.

We also know that the conventional farming practices we’ve all relied on in the past won't keep us thriving, especially in the face of erosion, desertification, poor soil & water quality, climate change, drought, & spiraling costs, amongst all the other things that keep you awake at night.

We’ll help you get your land back to its naturally biodiverse and profitable, sustainably & holistically, with globally proven, science-based, low-risk practices that cost less, use few, if any, chemicals & produce more of the things that keep you happy & doing well on 

the land you love.


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