Graeme Hand

Director Handfortheland

"In essence, our focus is on radically improving soil quality by regenerating perennial grasses, especially native, onto any land in a measured, measurable programme.

We train farmers to manage their property using holistic, continually improving grazing practices that regenerate a balanced, diverse and productive environment better able to cope with the challenges of climate and, in fact, thrive into the future.

This in turn improves animal health, food and water security and profitability for families and communities.  Our success stories routinely see unstable and spent land rebounding from drought conditions within 18 months, and dirty creeks produce fresh, sediment free water within  24 months.

We’d be delighted to show you proof."





We run a few cattle ourselves.

We share the challenges that go

with choosing a life on the land. Practicing what we teach makes sure that our advice works.

We understand that the health, wellbeing & prosperity of you &

your family, land, livestock, environment & community are inextricably linked.

We also know that the conventional farming practices we’ve all relied on in the past won't keep us thriving, especially in the face of erosion, desertification, poor soil & water quality, climate change, drought, & spiraling costs, amongst all the other things that keep you up at night.

We’ll help you get your land back to its naturally biodiverse and productive best, sustainably & holistically, with globally proven, science-based, low-risk practices that cost less, use few, if any, chemicals & produce more of the things that keep you happy & doing well on 

the land you love.


Handfortheland is one of Australia’s leading holistic land management and training consultancies,

and we’re based in South West Victoria, Australia.

We use and share science- and field-proven, environmentally beneficial agricultural practices to regenerate and sustain profitable farms, their families and communities both in Australia and overseas.

We’ve spent 20+ years distilling, adapting and building on the findings and practices of eminent, globally respected practitioners and educators like Allan SavoryHolistic Management International and Doug McKenzie-Mohr, to create a training programme that’s adaptable, easy to learn, low risk and can reduce farm costs by up to 30%.

25 years Planned Grazing experience

20 years Holistic Managment Training  



Graeme & family have been farming in South West Victoria for the past 25 years.  Graeme holds a diploma in Applied Science, and worked 10 years as an industrial chemist before turning his scientific knowledge and experience to eco friendly farming practices and, eventually, to Holistic Management®. He's a Certified Holistic Management® Educator, which includes qualifications in land management, planned grazing, land and soil health monitoring, financial planning and monitoring, enterprise design and succession planning.


He's a Quality Assurance & Environmental Systems Auditor (ISO 9000, ISO 14001), Environmental Management Systems Trainer and auditor (ISO14001), holds Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training (BSZ40198), trained in psychological emergency & trauma with Victorian State Emergency Recovery Unit, and is a Member of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology.


Graeme is also CEO of Stipa Native Grasses Association, and regularly travels in country and overseas to advise Governements and Farmers Associations about grass regeneration and grazing. He's currently working on baseline soil carbon and grassland regeneration in Mongolia.


He provides training for Melbourne and Sydney Universities, Victorian Department of Primary Industry, Vic and NSW CMAs, NRM, and works with Centrelink to help farmers in drought crisis with financial planning and property management advice. He's also a consultant to Meat & Lvestock Australia, with a fcus on the Australian Beef Grading system, Meat Standards Australia.


Other projects include Action on the Ground in association with Sydney University, a Tasmania-based large scale Planned Grazing demonstration project


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