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Money in your bank

Practical Holistic Profit Planning


How it works

  • Free check to see if we can help and if you want to work with us

  • Baseline assessment of finances and enterprises

  • Profit plan developed - webinars, email and phone follow up to make sure you are on track

Take our assessment questionnaire to see if this training is for you

Money in your bank 

package includes:


Farm visit to develop plans, practice areas, monitoring sites and a grazing plan

One on one webinars to produce your profit plan

Enterprises analysed to bring new money into the business

New enterprises analysed for risk before commencing

Monthly calls and webinars to put your plan back on track



  • Consistent steady profit

  • Land and soil health building

  • Increases control of expenses

  • You decide where the money goes

  • Business building

  • Lowers stress

  • Lowers risk

  • Simple and proven method 

Determine the money needed for your family and business
Individual plans produced

Monthly meetings to help you keep on track

Systems put in place to ensure you are managing the business

Focusing you effort to stengthen your business

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$2200 inc GST

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