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Policy Analysis and Design

We work with organisations - from environmental agencies to farmers groups to government, local and federal - to help shape policies that promote a resilient, diverse ecology and a productive, respectful relationship with the land. Because our recommendations are based on globally affirmed, scienctific data and research, we help to reveal the facts and provide an impartial and rational set of recommendations that enable a balanced platform for stakeholders to discuss.


Succession Planning

By necessity or design, you won’t always be the one making the decisions about the future of your business. Smart farmers identify and develop key people within their family or organization who can transition into your role and keep your business on track. This can be an emotional, even divisive process, especially with family-run business. We can help with rational, impartial advice and tools for managing through succession and into success for everyone.


Mine Reclamation

Handfortheland has been instrumental in restoring land that’s been badly degraded and made unproductive. We work with individuals, companies and governments to plan, implement and manage low risk, low cost reclamation programmes that turn mined wastelands into a profitable, biodiverse natural or economically viable resource. We produce auditable results.

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