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Restoring a productive and naturally healthy landscape,

and by association the people and animals in it,

is at the heart of our business here at Handfortheland.


We do it through regenerating perennial grasses, especially native perennial grasses, to areas that have been reduced to annuals through decades of conventional grazing and cropping. 

We identify the correct balance of recovery and animal impact for the area, analyse topography, weather patterns, water resources, land-use requirements and farming practices, existing soil structure and composition, chemical load and many other metrics that will help us optimize outcomes for landowners.



"Grass feeds more wildlife than any other plant."
Sir David Attenborough.
Sir David Attenborough. Photograph Cleantechnica©

Graeme Hand is the CEO of Stipa, Australia's peak Native Grass body, and has spent 25 years helping farmers around the world repopulate native grasslands, improving land quality and yield.

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