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Practical Holistic

Profit Planning



8 weeks of individual

online coaching 

plus 12 monthly online meetings 


Analyse and select enterprises that are in line with what you are trying to achieve

Determine where to invest your time and money to increase profit


Schedule farm development and priorities

Put in place monitoring and corrective action to make sure you produce your planned profit 





This training ensures that you can plan and produce a Holistic Profit Plan that puts you in charge of your finances.

Have you tried budgeting and stopped or have been disappointed with the outcome?


Do you feel like you are not moving forward and not sure which enterprises you should cut or expand?


We focus on helping you understand & apply the planning, monitoring, corrective action and policies that will mean you'll achieve your profit target.

Learn the practical skills and enterprise design you

need to grow your business.



Practical Profit Planning 

package includes:


One on one webinars to produce your profit plan

Enterprises analysed to bring new money into the business

New enterprises analysed for risk before commencing

Monthly calls and webinars to put your plan back on track

10x emails/ month


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