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Practical Grazing Masterclass

Wattle Park - 3 days

Bengworden Vic

Friday 4th to Sunday 6th August 2023

Landscape Function Planned Grazing is ideally suited if you want to implement long recovery, high stock density, high utilisation, grazing management that is low risk and produces high landscape function and biodiversity. This training will help you understand all grazing management pros & cons while increasing your success 

Cost per any day intensive paddock training, own property design and mentoring - $1100 per person (2 extras from same business @1/2 price) 

3 days discount $2800 per person

(2 extras from same business @1/2 price) 

Contact me if you would like an invoice and EFT details

Accommodation is  available in nearby Bairnsdale (30 min) or Sale (40 min).

Lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided.

Contact us for details and recommendations.

Example of the management we will be demonstrating

Hands on training, mostly in the paddock, focusing on rapidly increasing landscape function.

You will leave with the plans and skills to start your own 'safe to fail' trials and continue the switch to regenerative outcomes on your farm.

Course will cover

  • Designing and implementing safe to fail trials for your property and stock.

  • Fencing requirements and how to map your own flexible fencing plan.

  • Design water requirements and map a flexible water plan.

  • Training livestock to electric fence that make it convenient to move and automate.

  • Training calves to move and stay with cows.

  • Adjusting management for animal performance.

  • Using area grazed to directly determine recovery period to adjust your stocking rate.

  • Monitoring gut fill, drinking scores, contentment, and dung scores to keep plan on track.

  • How to monitor and increase landscape function.

  • How to regenerate perennial native grasses


Contact Graeme on 0418532130 or

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